• Liquid Spirit Attunement:

    Restorative Energy Therapy


    What lies within and around your manifested physical body are your energy bodies; referred to as pneumoplasm in the field of attunement. The health of your physical body is in direct correlation to the health of your energy bodies.


    Restorative energy therapy addresses the "unseen" aspects of yourself, that might be manifesting as symptoms in your body, or might be manifesting as emotional or psycho-spiritual distress.


    When might you choose Restorative Energy Therapy?


    ~ If you have a chronic condition that you've been attending to through other healing modalities, and you are finding that the treatments are not having a long term effect. Restorative energy therapy addresses the underlying factors revealed within the sessions. The physical body then has the foundational structures in place to build it's health up once again.


    ~ If your life is in turmoil and you are looking for support in relieving stress, restorative energy therapy brings forward coherence in your being, allowing you to connect with your inherent rhythm once again.


    ~ If you want to address traumas of your past, within restorative energy sessions we utilize the tools of somatic integration to free up the nervous system from it's stuck patterns, and bring younger parts of yourself back into the fold of your life.


    ~ If you want support in preparation, during and after surgery.


    ~ If you want to reconnect with your Self.

    Restorative Energy Therapy

    is deep support for your whole being.