• Navigating Transitions

    support for crossing thresholds at turning points in your life

    We move through time. We are inherently part of the rhythm of each day; the rhythm of each season. Over the span of our life we come to places of endings and beginnings; intersections where we are often called to step out of our habits and wake up into new awareness about ourselves and our world. These times are incredible opportunities to bless our past and engage with what is calling us toward our future. These times of change can also feel very disruptive and uncomfortable.

    "I am a little lost; a little disoriented." If you hear yourself saying these words, this is when you know you are on the right track. The usual ways of being in the world are not feeling quite right anymore.

    Engaging tools for support

    Both the Symbol's Process and Coming Into Your Own can lend a supporting hand as you negotiate the changes and challenges you face during transitions.

    The Symbols Process

    Clients have utilized the Symbols Process when needing to find clarity in making a choice in their lives. The symbols process provides an opportunity to look from multiple perspectives at your dilemma or challenge.

    We begin with a conversation to clarify the intention you are carrying into this process. You then lay out symbols on a cloth to represent your current reality. At this point, you are guided through a series of questions. These questions stimulate insights through connecting with aspects of yourself that you might not access on a day to day basis. By the end of the process you will have more information about your life situation that can inform the next steps in navigating your transition. This process is available to both men and women, individuals, couples and groups.

    Coming Into Your Own

    If you would like to be with an inter-generational group of women for a 3 day retreat who are all navigating transitions, Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) is a dynamic program that invites participants into a place of learning, sharing and reflection. In a small group setting the program unfolds an engaging process revealing new insights, skills, and possibilities for your life.

    This program is offered world wide.

    More information can be found on the CIYO website


    If you are part of a woman's group and you and your companions would like to take a deep dive together with Coming Into Your Own, I invite you contact me to create this opportunity together. There are many possible formats from the 3 day retreat, to a series of weekends, to a day a month for a span of time.