• My Dance With Healing

    I came into the field of massage therapy with a great interest in bringing comfort to people who were suffering from chronic or acute pain in their physical bodies. I thought if I could figure out what was going on in their bodies, I might not only be able to be helpful, but maybe even fix their problems. In school, along with learning Swedish massage, I studied fantastic techniques taken from the osteopathic realm that addressed structural imbalances along the spine, ribs and hips. I had my tool kit. I was up for the task. With enthusiasm, I put up my shingle and began a business.


    A few years after using these techniques I began to notice they worked really well for some folks. Their pain went away! I was left feeling quite satisfied, and so, too, were my clients. Other folks, well, there pain never changed. Or the pain went away for a short time, and returned. This was unsatisfying for my clients and for me. And mystifying ~ why would these techniques work for some folks and not for others?


    I had begun this journey of massage therapist dismissing energy work ~ I didn't “believe in energy”. I bumped right into that belief as this conundrum came forward.


    A couple of years into my practice, I was invited to take a course on developing my intuition. This course supported an opening of perception. Through acknowledging the intelligence coming through intuitive channels during sessions with clients, my focus became inclusive of the complexity of each persons whole being ~ body, mind and spirit.


    Thus began my practice of mindful tracking with each client, as I tuned into their unique process of unwinding and restoration.


    Often times healing crises lead us through major emotional and spiritual opportunities to grow in our lives. I bumped into one of those myself, when in 2012, I was diagnosed with chronic lyme. My immune system had “managed” the presence of the lyme in my system for years, unbeknownst to me, until I crashed with a fatigue that flattened me. I could no longer work. For two years I sought out and found a tremendous amount of support to help me navigate my healing process. Even with all of the support, I hit a wall. I had to move into an undiscovered part of myself that no one but me and my spirit could do. So I stopped chasing my tail, spent a lot of time sitting outside in a chair, and let myself tap into my innate healing capacity. Out of my healing crises new energetic frontiers came forward to share with clients.


    With an ear toward guidance from the organizing intelligence, the map of the holographic field of light that makes up who we are, is available to explore, restore, and bring into coherence. After 25 years of working with hundreds of people, this is the essence of what I am bringing forward in this next iteration of healing exploration through Restorative Energy Therapy and Liquid Spirit Attunement.