• On the wings of grace.....

    The anatomy of a Restorative Energy Therapy session

    A spirit based process rooted in the physical:


    Our bodies are conduits for our spirit's expression here on Earth.

    In a restorative energy session we bring our presence in listening to your body's sensory experiences through mindful tracking. A natural unfolding occurs to the place of restored movement of energy throughout your being.


    The heart of the session is trusting in your healing process:


    We trust the intelligence of your innate healing capacity.

    We trust the guidance of your higher self and the highest good in navigating the unwinding of the pain you carry.

    Healing takes place through attention and care when you feel seen and acknowledged.

    •  Resolution of trauma that presents in the physical body takes place.
    •  Restoration of parts of yourself that were cut off come back into the fold.
    •  A remembering of what is important to you can come through.
    •  A feeling of landing in yourself happens


      The backbone of the session is mindful tracking:


      With mindful tracking we open to the intelligence of your whole being – all aspects of yourself – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, to inform us of what is arising to be tended to.

      We tend through utilizing my developed skills of somatic experiencing, cranial sacral therapy, breathwork, intrinsic mobilization, attunement and holographic synchronization.

        Sessions are available both in person and by phone or through computer video technology.

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